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Andrea Avezzù

Andrea Avezzù
May 12, 2023 – Sep 29, 2023

The Venetian photographer exhibits a new series of photographs of Venice.

Dream Andrea Avezzu

Andrea Avezzù

The image of the most photographed city in the world, exhausted by the superimposition of romanticisms and mythologies, reappears through Avezzù’s lens in its powerful and incomparable iconic nature.

These are images that transcend all forms of trivialisation, that cleanse Venice of the tragic wear and tear of mass tourism and return it to a virgin dimension, to a golden age that belongs to the most ancient and authentic soul of the Venetian people. 
Andrea Avezzù's photographs reveal the stuff of dreams, forcing our addicted eyes to discover the wonders of Venice with renewed wonder. 

Avezzù multiplies spaces, decomposes and superimposes architecture, discovers archetypal colour registers, openly defies all holographic or didactic references. 

The palaces of Venice become the kaleidoscopic backdrops of a medieval world, set against waters that recall the luminosity of Davide Battistin's paintings. The feast of the Redentore sees the sacredness of a centuries-old rite restored, a whirlwind of souls suspended above the waters of St Mark's basin under a cascade of fire.

The Piazza expands, the arches of the Procuratie multiply to infinity and the space becomes a stage to be crossed by our imagination. No longer the most photographed square in the world, a place condemned to the daily predatory madness, but the extraordinary manifestation of an unrepeatable history and culture.